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The Ranking system (1-3) allows each player to train alongside their competitive level, get more reps, compete within the training session & develop faster! Over the years we've seen the most growth & improvement through this mixture of individual attention along with the competitive atmosphere for the players to apply & learn. If a player trains next to another player of similar level they tend to push each other, get a more quality training & compete against each other in a way that just 1on1 doesn't offer.

How many players in each session?
The goal is to have 2-3 players of the same skill level and/or age training together in each group. The ranking system allows you to book your child in the same group & time slot of others in that ranking.

What is the difference between each rank & how do I know which one my child is in?
The ranks are generally broken down into grade & skill level. Our lead trainers will let you know which rank your child is in. It's a fluid ranking so we may ask some players to move up or down based on what we feel will help their development. If ever in doubt you can choose their rank based on what grade they're in:

Rank 1- Elem, grades 3-6, beginning/developing level
Rank 2- MS, grades 6-8, competitive level
Rank 3- HS, Grades 8-12, advanced level

Does this ranking affect their skill classes or just private sessions? 
The rank system is primarily for the private training sessions, it does not affect the skill classes because they're already a larger group setting. 

Private Training Sessions
-Competitive small group formed by age/skill level 
-Allows both indiv. instruction & competitive reps & play
-Develops & improves players at a faster rate 
-2-3 players per trainer
-Ranking system by skill level/grade

Skill Classes 
-Focused around getting reps & competing 
-5-8 players per trainer

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