Founder, Skills Trainer

Phil Morrison is a Pro basketball skills trainer, Training Director of MidAmerica Sports Center, Nike Camp Director and former pro basketball player overseas. He has trained players at every level from NBA/Overseas Pros, College All-Americans, H.S. All-State players and youth of all ages.  Phil has directed basketball camps and clinics in different countries around the world. 


As a player Phil depended on his work ethic, basketball IQ and commitment to developing his skills.  He is proof that you don't have to be the biggest, fastest or most athletic player to be successful at the high school, college and even pro level. Players training with Phil will get the blueprint on taking your game to another level by developing basketball and mental skills.  Invest in yourself, go after your dream.  Train like a pro and with a pro!


Phil is the founder of "Hoops for Christ" a ministry that partners with churches to host basketball camps to encourage players and share the Gospel. As a Christian athlete one of Phil's greatest passions is to encourage and invest in young players through the game of basketball.  While playing professional basketball in the Philippines he was the Director of Basketball training at a ministry called Salvation Teams.  He led basketball clinics in slums and gyms all over the country using hoops as a way to share Christ and give out Bibles.