All the services offered by Phillip Morrison are based on these values: Faith, Work ethic, Perseverance and Leadership.




Faith is a result of confidence in a strong foundation.  On the basketball court the goal is to develope confidence and faith through purposeful skill and mental training.  Morrison Basketball seeks to go further than just the basketball court to develop a player's character and belief in themselves for life.  Coach Phil Morrison has a strong Chrsitan testimony and passion to invest in other players through the game of basketball.  Coach Phil's long journey with this game has taken him around the world and through these experiences he seeks to honor God with the gifts and opportunities given.  This is the heart beat of the "Hoops For Christ" camps that Morrison Basketball offers for free to churches and ministries. We seek to invest, teach and inspire players in basketball and life.



There is no secret formula for success and improvment. The truth is you have to put in the work consistently day in and day out. Morrison Basketball strongly believes in the importance of developing a work ethic. We show players exactly how to work hard, work smart and be consistent. We seek to develop players into students of the game with the skill to work purposefully and focus on small details that create big results.  This is the edge players must have to become elite. Discipline is an unpoplular word but the player who developes a consistent and disciplined work ethic is guarnteed to go further. 





Basketball and life have many things in common, one of those things is both are filled with adversity.  You cannot escape adversity, failure or hardship in the game of basketball.  But those who are persistant are those who will make things happen.  Perseverance is a rare and precious weapon every great basketball player must develope.  Most people cannot see the blessing of adversity when they are going through it but success is often disguised as failure.  Our goal is to help players expect adversity, focus on the right things while going through it and always look to learn and grow from their experiences.  The value of perserverance we seek to develope in our players is to never stop finding a way to improve, learn and move forward toward a goal.



Leadership begans by building a strong foundation in your own personal life and holding yourself accountable for your own success.  The values Morrison Basketball has already mentioned of faith, work ethic and perserverance set the foundation for leadership.  Every detail from simple warm up drills to training mental fortitude is built upon fundamentals. Creating good habits that influence wise decisions that shape a person's destiny. No player is to young or old to lead your own life and then to grow into leading others.  Servant-Leadership is the ultimate goal we stress because these special leaders will be successful at anything they choose to pursue in life.