Training Guide

Welcome to our training guide. The videos below will breakdown the easy process of how to get you started training with Hoops for Christ. We have upgraded our systems for 2022 to make it easier than ever for you to book your sessions, see what classes we have going on the weeks ahead and easy access for fast questions via text.

Step 1: Find the training package

Click Here to view

Step 2: Purchase and receive 2 Links

After purchase, you will see this (ACCESS Downloads) Link 

  • This will have a private link to start booking on your sessions.
  • The other download gives you the phone number to text for any issues.
  • We will text you every Wednesday as a friendly reminder to schedule your sessions with us.

Step 3: Text us at (415) 237-4103

  • Key word: Paid (Whichever plan you purchased)
  • We will send you a contact form to fill out and we will be there for support.
  • Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM
  • Sat-Sun 9AM-4PM


Who Do I contact?

This is our business phone, this will be the primary contact number for Hoops for Christ Related Questions.

How to Schedule my sessions?

Tutorial Via Link

How do I Access the App?

Tutorial Via Link

How do I cancel a sessions?

Revisit the Link and click the time you requested. There will be a cancel button on your sessions. Currently policy is 24 Hours before the session.

How do I know what skill classes I'm signing up for?

Every Wednesday, we will be sending a reminder messages to book your sessions via app. We will let you know what the weeks ahead hold as far as Skill sessions. You can also reference our calendar via Link

Click Here