Unlimited Skill Classes

What are Skill Classes?

Skill classes serve to give players more repetitions, increase their skill set, basketball IQ, & performance to become as skilled as possible. Each month we will offer a variety of skill classes. Classes will have a limited number of spots & we will break players up into smaller groups so they train with their skill level or age. 
Class schedules will change & rotate monthly to mix up a variety of class options & foundational skills needed in player development. There are limited spots for each class so be sure to reserve your spot on our booking app or online calendar. There is no replacement for a 'skilled player' & skills are earned. Having a strong skill set will make a player more valuable to a team as their basketball skills & IQ increase. All skill classes are led by former college/pros & excellent coaches!
$150/MO - UNLIMTED Monthly
Class Descriptions:
Shooting Class- This class focuses on shooting mechanics, form shooting, game shots & lots of repetition within a group setting. A great place to get up a lot of shots & compliment your private training sessions.
Point Guard Academy- This class focuses on guard skills, basketball IQ, ball handling, passing, finishes, handling pressure & understanding how to play the game correctly at a high level. 
Speed/Agility/Finishing- This class takes players through a workout to enhance their on court speed, agility, flexibility, movement & conditioning. We will be incorporating defense, scoring & finishing as well in a group setting. 
Separation Moves, Dribbling, Footwork- This class focuses on how to create space & angles off the dribble from your defender, finishing footwork & ball handling. 
Dribbling, Passing, Handling Pressure- This class focuses on the common struggle many players have with handling defensive pressure in multiple game situations (ex: dribbling vs pressure, getting open, full court pressure, traps & double teams). Also the importance of using both hands to dribble, pass & finish.

How do I start & begin booking my spot in classes?

1. Once paid, your membership begins. You will have your login info for Acuity and you can book your skill classes

 2. If any questions or concerns, you can text us at (415)237-4103

3. You are now ready to book your sessions and skill classes! You can download our booking app to see the calendar of upcoming skill classes & private training spots available & book your spot. We suggest you download the app! It's easy & we'll walk you through it (text us). Also we'll text you the link each week with our upcoming schedule and you can book your spot online that way as well.