Ball Handling Series & Program

Ball Handling Series & Program

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This program will include a series of drills, methods and insight on how to improve your overall ball handling skills. I get this question from almost every player I train & over the years I've developed my own methods that helped me as a player (college/overseas) & used to help many players I've trained improve quickly.

There are many unique drills from our 10-min routine to advanced stress drills to improve handle speed, control & pace. 


Here are some key points I touch on in this course.

  • 10 Minute Routine
  • Stress & Pace drills
  • Tips for point guards 
  • Creating space & protecting vs pressure
  • Foundation to Sideline Warmup
  • Signature Gauntlet Drill
  • 2 Ball Dribbling Drills
  • 60 Sec Drill 

And much more!


  • The entire program is build around teaching, basketball IQ & knowledge I’ve gained as a professional player overseas & as a skills development coach