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Welcome to the "Silver Level" Training Membership.

**Be sure to submit your phone number for weekly training text to book training

Details: Silver Membership $299/mo (Retail Value $500+, Savings of over $250)

4 Private Sessions & 4 Skills Classes each Month

= 2x trainings per week (1 private & 1 skill class)

-Mentorship with our Pro Training staff focused around building confidence

-Access to our online programs (request via email)

-10% discount on HFC Leagues/Camps/ Clinics (personal code)

-Requires a 3 month commitment & cancel anytime after

-Weekly/Monthly schedules will be sent out via text to everyone who trains with us with the Date, Time, Locations available & updates. Your training resets each month on the day you purchased. So if you purchase membership on 10th of month you training sessions/classes will reset on 10th. Please track your progress monthly before you overbook.

What is Training Memberships?

Our monthly training memberships give more training for less money to our loyal & long term training clients. It was designed for the serious players that want to truly commit, get in the gym consistently & learn from our staff of pro trainers on a customized level.

Once you purchase & input your email/cell you'll get a message from us on how to book your sessions online or at our app, link to our full monthly training calendar, & directions on how to easily book training.

This is an easy one-time payment set up to charge monthly and you can cancel anytime after the agreed upon 3 months for maximum training results. We feel this is the next level & best option for our parents, players, staff, and organization.


Membership program requires a 3 Month Commitment upon the date of purchase. This huge discount requires a commitment of 60 days so you get the most out of the training & its design for a long term commitment. An automatic monthly payment that withdrawal from you bank/card on the same day monthly once you set it up. You can cancel anytime after the agreed upon 3 months (Ex: You purchase on March 15th, you'll be automatically charged April 15th, etc). You can cancel anytime after 3 months just email our admin: