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This gives you access to coach Phil Morrison for personal coaching, feedback, mentoring, film session, texting & a former pro to guide your child. Think in terms of a tennis pro or golf pro having their personal coach that is focused on an athlete's development both mentally & physically. The Gold level training membership is included in this but we created a premium level membership to encompasses everything for a player's development.
This premium value offers:
-Personal access & coaching from Coach Phil
-Private confidence workshops
-pre schedule their sessions monthly before anyone else around your schedule
-Includes the Gold level training membership
-Enrollment to all clinics/camps
-Enrollment to all leagues 
-Access to Global Online Community 
-Access to all Online programs

Email us if you're interested in setting up a phone call with Phil or any questions
email us at:
**This membership is a month to month membership
Be sure to insert your phone number when registering